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Auto Beauty Knowledge cars do not always wash

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-10-28
Cars do not always wash

Cars in the end how long it should be cleaned once, there is no conclusive. The use of a car, parked in different environments, to determine their washing frequency. Car is dirty, it should be cleaned. When washing, use a special detergent, towels and so on.

Car paint itself contains chemical components, vehicle long periods of cleaning, will be attached to some material on the paint, the chemical composition of these substances react chemically with the paint, vehicle paint will suffer. If the vehicle is a white paint finish, it will gradually yellowing. If it is metallic paint, the paint will be the case Diaoqi appear. 

Vehicle is dirty, it should be cleaned up, but not too frequent washing. Currently, car wash service on the market uneven quality of the cleaning agent used also makes a difference. Many car washes are used washing powder, detergent acts as a detergent, the detergent in the chemical composition of these will be some impact on the body paint. In addition, most car washes are dry with a rag ordinary car body of water, rag material selected properly, will scratch the finish.

Strictly speaking, should be rinsed before washing the car adhesion of dust, then professional detergent, washing cars to use professional cloth, easy to stay hidden corner drops (such as mirrors, etc.) you want to use a professional hair dryer. Fung believes that if the very professional car wash car wash, even frequent washing will not damage cars, but if only to ordinary roadside car wash car wash, or not too often. Car beauty knowledge, car "tonic" not better automotive supplies all kinds of additives on the market are numerous, whether it can play a relevant role in the industry is controversial.

In fact, the fuel currently in use have been added to a small amount of additives, the various components of the engine play a clean, auxiliary role. However, the role of these additives is not obvious. Anyway, if riders need to use these products, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of fuel grade gasoline label not better choice based primarily on engine compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio of the engine requires the use of a higher grade of gasoline, or likely to cause knocking (abnormal combustion). If the proposed use of the car's high-grade gasoline, filling the lower grade of gasoline, it is easy to knock, reducing combustion efficiency, vehicle dynamics will be inadequate, it may lead to more fuel consumption. Some riders think, with a high standard gasoline engine power will be able to make a more full, more fuel-efficient, in fact, this idea is wrong. If the blind use of high-grade gasoline, the advantages of high-grade gasoline itself unable to play, will only result in the owner's cost in fuel expenditures.

Car "Mask" to be used with caution 

Sealing glaze able to paint vehicles play a protective role, while playing in the sand tiny paint, you will not get to spend the paint. And waxing generally achieve any vehicle paint protection, just make some paint look more glamorous only. Frequent waxing it will accelerate the aging of paint, paint thinner easily, reducing the protective effect of the paint.

Some riders found in small scratches on the paintwork, it ran over automotive beauty shop polish, in fact, this is completely unnecessary, but easy to make paint thinner. Use decontamination wax, you can dispose of these small scratches. Also, sometimes accidentally contaminated with paint on some of the difficult to remove stains, some car lovers with gasoline to remove stains, or polishing. It is also not necessary to use decontamination wax treatment.