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Car tires using six tips

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-02

Car tires using six tips:
1. Before you start the car after the snow, checkTireBetween the ground and there is no water or snowmelt caused fetal freeze, in order to avoid causing tear forcibly take the car tires, a puncture.
2, if the conditions are not good, or open-air car park, preferably before each round of parking into place Xiadian newspaper, to avoid freezing.
3. After you start driving do not directly upshift to high speed, the first slow to open 1 to 3 km, reasonably warm tires, high-speed way to avoid ice cold tire skid.
4, in the sub-freezing ice road side not pressing on, in order to avoid sharp edges of the ice surface scratches stabbed tires.
5, Do not refuel a slight slip, proper slowdown and increase friction to keep the tire grip.
6. Do not use different patterns or free replacement tire sizes, in order to avoid friction on the ice because of different causes skidding and loss of control. Another part of the single-oriented consumers do not avoid the tire tread pointing upside, otherwise it will lose grip performance.