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Family car cleaning methods

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-24

The current dispute automotive beauty market, due to non-standard cleaning services, to the car brought a lot of risks, leading to quite a few, such as different decorative materials, detergents requirements and ways have to pay attention. Especially for automobile instrument dashboard clean appearance, when maintenance, decoration and paint local damage processing, technical requirements even higher, if the methods or materials used improperly, it could sequelae.

In fact, car interior cleaning and care is a luxurious, such as during the former interior cleaning, the first should be the interior lights and other electrical appliances, instruments off, and then remove the car dust, sweep the dirt, and then vacuum cleaner for car within each part carefully vacuuming. Automotive interior parts mainly made of plastic, leather, fiber and other materials, these materials are easy in use outside contamination or corrosion.

Car Seat Cleaning Important: There are two general types of car seats, one hair type, the second is leather. Cleaning fluff velvet seats must use special cleaning agents must not use bleach. The leather seats have real leather and artificial leather. When cleaning must not use water or detergent, cleaning is not only clean and otherwise, will crack. Cleaning leather seats should use special cleaning products leather protective agent, not only can quickly clean polish, more effective removal of static electricity, enhanced protection.

For dirty leather surface, the first use of velvet cleaning agent pre-treatment, because some dirt may induration in the leather surface, using a velvet cleaning agent can effectively wetting and decomposition of oil, so that the next cleaning work more smoothly.

Dashboard panels are mostly plastic or leather surface more pinstripe, contaminants and more hidden inside. Cleaning process should pay attention to these parts, cleaning agents should not be velvet, versatile foam cleaner, plastic care agent is sprayed onto appliances, switches, leather seats, backrest and body paint. Like the dashboard, gear shift area clean, you must first remove the dust streaks dashboard area, folds, on the corner. Like the steering wheel cleaning, mostly because the steering wheel leather or leather materials, contaminants are mostly body fat, is not easy to clean. To spray cleaner after putting, scrub with a soft brush and wipe with a clean towel. If the steering wheel has a jacket, to remove it, clean glazing alone. Steering wheel cleaning care requirements should be sticky, non-skid. Be careful to clean air conditioning vents, air conditioning vents are mostly hard plastic material, grid format. Mostly dirt contaminated dust, sand. Especially in the grid at the cleaning, due to thinner and brittle, be careful to remove the grid cleaning, use a small brush to clean the grid window air conditioning vents.