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Automotive engine maintenance tips

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-25

   Car maintenance course, the most crucial part of the engine care, and maintenance of the engine is of course the most important is to make it the most effective lubrication, proper use of improper oil can prolong engine life, but also to save fuel, whether it would be counterproductive. Owner is best to develop the habit of checking the oil every week, the oil change and maintenance with the remaining oil in the car, it is prepared for the.

Currently, the market sells various brands of oil products have few hundred, Esso, Mobil 1 name brand like Mobil's International, Shell, Total, etc., but also domestic brands Great Wall, Kunlun, Compton and so on. Price-wise, from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars or a thousand dollars a barrel, and the viscosity of the various levels of professional identity and variety, making the owners of the difficulty in the selection of oil greatly increased. Reporters random survey found that, although we all know the importance of the oil, but most of the owners are still in the "oil-blind" stage.

Engine oil as a lubricant, not only lubricate, anti-wear effect, as well as cooling, cleaning, rust, corrosion, oxidation and other effects. Lubricant quality is good or bad for the normal operation of the engine has a very important impact. Good oil, especially fully synthetic engine oil in addition to protection, reducing the number of oil changes, but also can save the cost of gasoline. Although the price is twice as expensive than regular oil, is the best choice for many car owners. If you choose to improper or only momentary cheaper to buy poor quality products, can cause an early engine wear and reduce engine life, can also cause serious "pull-cylinder, hold tile" and other accidents.

How to choose the oil

Owners must be aware of the oil in the selection of vehicles using temperature environment, and then press the oil level and viscosity requirements specification requirements of the vehicle to buy oil, look carefully at the time of purchase and the viscosity of the oil level marked on the packaging, to use to meet the minimum level and above requirements oil. For example, in the Sichuan region, under normal circumstances, the choice of the year in line with the standard multi-viscosity oil SAE15W-40 on it. The hot summer in Chongqing, the best choice for the 50 oil viscosity.

Thousands of kilometers traveled by the beginning of the new car is called run-in period, at this stage the fine projections on the worn parts, so that the respective moving parts with a gap closer, smoother movement. This oil is more important election period. In the run-in period is generally used viscosity grade 15W / 40 or 40 running-oil. Because the car or engine overhaul, the components with the gap uneven or too tight, you need to run-in period running-alignment, such as a large selection of oil viscosity, with the gap is not very good on the friction surface is not easy to form a lubricant film The formation of dry friction, resulting in excessive wear and tear, and even bush-burning, hold mechanical failure shaft. Since the oil viscosity is small and good fluidity can achieve a better cleaning effect and cooling effect. If the car in the city, often due to traffic jams, are loss-type driving, it is recommended to shorten the oil change mileage.

Do not forget to pack an oil change

Each vehicle must travel several kilometers to do routine maintenance, replacement of oil and three filters. But every oil change is a bucket as a unit, usually after an oil change will be a slight surplus. Do not forget to pack away the remaining oil after use. Thus, two months after the discovery of a liquid oil, reduce fluid must be added, the owner can also be used several times before maintenance of oil accumulated in a second oil change "shabu shabu" engine, so that a more thorough oil change

Do not mix oil

Sometimes the lack of a car found in the oil side, you need to add oil, which must pay attention to is best not to add a different brand or model of oil. Different brands have different additives used in oil, mix may cause deterioration of oil.