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Winter Car Cheats

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-26

Learn to use fashion elements embellishment car, nowadays many owners want to dress up not only their own, but also to dress up the car. So wash should pay attention to several areas, especially in the evening before going home car washing, and the next morning there will be more likely to be frozen in case the door windows.

After washing make your car run a race

Street shops usually just wash water surface wipe roughly, and therefore a lot of water left in the door, locks, handles and other parts. The winter weather is cold, especially at night, frozen and very natural. Therefore, we recommend that you wash the best to the computer room to go, because the computer has a washing machine and drying procedures, the remaining gap in the body capable of drying droplets, plus artificial dry this step, it will not dry body refreezing, but the computer car costs more expensive.

If you really want to spend too much money to computer washing room, tell you another way, that is, after washing street shops, first do not park the car, drove it on the road for some time, so, With the driving of the car, under the door of those residual drops will be left out. In addition, the cars with the process, you can open the air conditioning, it is a good drying door, Chuang Feng and other parts of the residual water, ice odds greatly reduced.

Cylinder frozen hair dryer blowing a blow

Now that you know how safe the car wash in the winter, but if you like Lee as car doors and windows have been frozen, it can be how to do? Do not worry, it tells you, for the frozen cylinder vehicles, thousands Do not tighten hard to square the key, so the key will twist off, the easiest way is to find a hair dryer blowing against the keyhole, you can not take two minutes to open the lock. If the door of the residual water ice frozen door, causing the door open, you can use some hot water thrown at freezing point, but immediately after the door is opened all the water will dry residue, otherwise the door will bear more of ice. If it is frozen windows, you can turn up the air conditioning heaters, such as the interior temperature rises more before trying to open the window, to avoid damage to the rubber and other plastic parts.

Body rub with a cotton cloth

There are some owners like yourself car wash, wash, try to every part of the body is immersed in water, on the one hand the way to wash away dirt, on the other hand, for large dust adhesion can also be softened with water, in Oh, you can save a lot of effort when scrubbing step back. When flushing, do not wipe with a cloth while avoiding friction dust and scratching the body.

Many people just simply take a dry cloth to wipe it, in fact, this is not right, you know, the body paint is very fragile thing, can not withstand any hard object friction, so the cloth cotton content is higher, relative the more soft, the damage it smaller. Now the market has a special cloth, you can buy ready-made. Want to save money, then you can use cotton cloth instead. After the body dry, you can also purchase the some, such as glass cleaner, tire wax, dress look good car.