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Snow vehicle malfunction coping skills

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-26

Day by day as the weather turns cold, cold and snow will make your car go through a severe test. Here, we might learn some practical aid small wonderful coincidence, when the car suddenly encountered snow, maybe it will come in handy.

Poor circulation one: not open the door

Disease description:Snow seep into the cracks in the car, under the effect of low temperatures at night, the car door keyhole or door was firmly frozen, the key is not inserted into, or insert it screw fixed; exhausted body strength, the door can not hit open.

The wrong way: hard to twist the key or the car door.

Symptomatic medicine: If forced to twist the key or hit the door may be counterproductive, the key may be damaged. And if the strong play doors, paint will be damaged. Recommend a bottle of warm homes and irrigation system (hot water may cause the glass to burst) poured into the freezing point. If you do have a lighter, you can burn some distance away from the door. The most basic way available Kazakh gas to global warming, of course, some take longer.

Prevention of tricks: You can lock the doors prior to injecting a little oil, and seals around the door rubbed a thin layer of grease.

Poor circulation two: the windows covered with snow

Disease description: snow covering the front windows tightly, completely blocking the sightline.

The wrong way: Start wiper perform snow removal.

Symptomatic medicine: As the name suggests, is scraping wiper rain, snow cover is thick if the window has even icy, use wiper can cause serious damage to its rubber and other plastic parts. Recommended that the car is equipped with a dedicated auto glass snow shovel or a hard plastic blade to eradicate snow. In addition to snow and ice to prevent scratching the glass, it should move in the same direction, not to scratch back and forth. If the snow is thin, you can enter the car, turn up the air conditioning warm gear, set to block out the wind patterns before, after a few minutes the ice to evaporate. In addition, the current number of high-end cars are equipped with a rearview mirror heating function, it will solve the problem soon after icing mirrors open.

Prevention tricks: If only the car parked outdoors, you should choose the sun, dry place. With his back to the wind when the front parking can reduce the amount of snow-covered car body. If necessary, overnight parking will support up wiper blades to ensure that will not be frozen.

Poor circulation three: car hard to start

Disease description: state at low temperatures, when the vehicle ignition is difficult to start, or to start to be repeated.

The wrong way: long ignition times.

Symptomatic medicine: in most cases is difficult due to poor ignition or valve coke battery work cause. If you start the difficulties, it is recommended to play for a while. But one should not continue for too long start-up time, the best control in 5 seconds, if you start three times unsuccessfully to stop for a moment to be appropriate, in order to avoid damage to the battery. In addition, some of those who know the car can pump car insurance (usually in the left or right side of the instrument panel) pull down, the car will be easier. If that does not work, it is recommended to find a professional maintenance staff.

Prevention tricks: 4S shop to do regular maintenance to the car to clean up carbon deposits. Experiencing particularly cold weather, but also to remove the battery on the interior warm, early morning start and then loaded on the vehicle can ensure a smooth start.

Poor circulation four: start skidding

Disease description: normal when starting on ice and snow, and suddenly the vehicle skidding out of control.

The wrong way: play the steering wheel.

Symptomatic medicine: snow-covered roads make it difficult to start the car, and if too much fuel, high-speed rotating rear tire, and the ground will reduce adhesion, easy skidding. Therefore, we must start when Qingtai clutch, slow refueling, do not make the wheel spin, otherwise the wheels will be bogged down. If you start skidding, do not rush to fight the steering wheel or hit the brakes hard, you should immediately close the throttle, slipping along the direction of the light tone of the steering wheel, by engine braking, and slowly stops. Some high-end cars with snow mode function is recommended to promptly turn lane.

Prevention of tricks: can be cleared of snow on the road before the car.

Poor circulation five: heater working poor

Disease description: In the winter air conditioning work, poor heating effect, a small amount of wind, fan running abnormal sound.

The wrong way: adjust the size of the outlet air volume.

Symptomatic medicine: the car's ventilation system is not used for a long time because there will inevitably be a lot of glitches. As the owner, you can do first the following steps: 1. Check the windshield cold to see if transferred to the air conditioning heat windshield; 2 Check electronic thermostat fan switch; 3 Check the water temperature thermostat.... In general, the vehicle ventilation system can be divided without heat for two reasons: First, the engine cooling system caused by poor control of one agency working heater caused. These issues are relatively ordinary car owners some difficulty, some of it is also more complicated repairs, or should ask the professionals.

Prevention tricks: use the opportunity before winter routine maintenance, repair stations to allow warm air system to conduct a comprehensive inspection,DiscoveryProblem solved in time.

Poor circulation six: a flat tire

Disease description: Tire texture brittle, prone to leak.

The wrong way: still running as usual.

Symptomatic medicine: Due to the low temperatures in northern, with rubber tires harden brittle material, the friction coefficient decreases, and easy to leak, rolling tires. On the one hand should always clean up winter tread inclusions within, avoiding the use of larger tire wear or tire repair more than once. On the other hand, the tire must be sufficient gas to prevent puncture. If the outside air temperature is low, then the tire pressure is too low, soft tires will accelerate aging.

Prevention tricks: When parking is best not parked in the snow, because snow is generally both acidic, easy to produce tire damage. In addition, if able to do so, you can replace the winter tires.