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Car wash bath to help you make your car pollution to a minimum

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-26

Vehicle air pollution not only causes the air inside the smell, more seriously, these harmful substances may have nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and adversely affect the reproductive system, and may even be carcinogenic. Especially in the summer, due to air conditioning, windows closed, resulting in the flow of air inside the vehicle can not be further aggravated vehicle air pollution. Long drive in a polluted environment, will lead to the driver dizziness, drowsiness, cough and other adverse reactions, which led to depressed mood, irritability, inability to concentrate, causing a traffic accident. At this time, we need to conduct a thorough disinfection of the car.

To air disinfection

UV disinfectant is a good helper

Car interior air disinfection including cleaning and disinfection and sterilization outside the car. Air disinfection ventilation window can be simple and easy, 10-20 minutes each time window. Disinfection of air inside the car is under no conditions, irradiation with ultraviolet light inside the car, after disinfection is completed, the ventilation window of about 5-6 minutes. You can also use non-corrosive disinfectant spray disinfectant. After disinfection, the application of water facilities inside the wipe, and then a clean cotton cloth to remove the residual disinfectant.

In addition, an aerosol spray can also be used chemical disinfectants disinfection methods. Use 2% peracetic acid 8 ml of volume per cubic meter, aerosol spray disinfectant performed one hour after the end of the ventilation disinfection. Hydrogen peroxide compound air disinfectant to 50 milligrams per cubic meter of volume, the use of spray 30 minutes after the end of the ventilation disinfection. After disinfection of facilities inside the application of water to clean, clean, dry cloth and then, in order to remove the residual disinfectant.

Clean air conditioning

Taught you three strategies

After a hot summer He asked what light coat nightmare started to decrease and even disabled, to use again some time in winter, when the air conditioning went through rain, dust erosion, the dust deposition and corrosion conditioning, seriously affecting the use of air conditioning life, so the fall, the air conditioning do a thorough cleaning and maintenance is essential.

First, we want to cycle air conditioning system cleaning and disinfection, can purchase a dedicated air conditioning cleaning agent. Before disinfection, food should be the car, remove the paper towel to prevent odor absorption. Find the external air inlet port of the car, if necessary, and then open the hood; start the engine, open the windows; the air conditioner AC switch to OFF, and will be transferred to the outer loop cycle gear, fan open to the maximum; the car outside air inlet suction guide strongest position inject air conditioning cleaning agent; cleaning agent will flow evaporator direction, adsorbed on the evaporator cleaning mold, dust; after all injection, the fan continues to rotate 10-15 minutes; 10 minutes later, the contaminated fluid from draining car exhaust pipes, the air conditioning vent sent clean air.

Next, remove the dust filters, start the vehicle, turn on the air conditioning and the block placed on the outer loop, the foam spray cleaner to dust filter, Air Conditioning outer loop winds sucked into the air duct cleaning agent, for duct, air conditioning evaporator and heater tank decomposition sterilization, eliminate the odor, dirt will become liquid flow from the outlet. After the clean-up work is completed, it is best to replace the dust filter, car outlet will blow fresh air.

Note that when the air conditioning in the circulatory system clean, you can purchase special disinfection smoked pot. The open air circulating inside to the maximum amount of wind, open smoked pot placed at the foot of the front passenger seat, closed the doors and windows. After 10-15 minutes, discard smoked pot and open doors and windows for ventilation. When disinfection, the car not to take the person, the car food, supplies, remove and discard sterilized jars, wear gloves, spray cans. Replace the dust filter and use a cleaning agent to clean the air duct from the air-conditioning system is to clean the outside, if you clean up after the outlet air flow is still not completely get rid of the smell of filial piety, it can only be removed to a repair shop lookout box, replace the evaporator Hand wash and air conditioning heating unit housing.

A comprehensive physical examination

Fall preferred check five

To avoid this or that kind of car trouble while driving in the car to finish after sterilization should be carefully checked for the car once.

Antifreeze: Antifreeze should note replaced, but not just for me. During the summer, some drivers often inject some distilled water into the tank and even tap water, in case the weather suddenly cool, it is very dangerous, may affect the normal operation of the cooling system. Therefore, the owner should be completely replaced antifreeze.

Oil: antifreeze oil lubrication system the best choice, it is a good cold weather machinery lubrication.

Tire repair sufficient gas: Fall rubber hardens relatively brittle, not only will reduce the coefficient of friction, but also easier to leak, rolling tires.

Some drivers do not care about the car's tires, even with the injury is still a long road, over time, will gradually expand the wound caused by burst. Thus, in this season when you have to double-check the tires, the tire tread if stabbed, etc. must be repaired promptly. If the car's tires a long time, should be replaced, must not be taken lightly. In addition, since the autumn temperatures cooler than summer tires should be inflated to be enough.

To close protection engine: The engine is the heart of the car, so they should close protection in the season. Occurred more than a year of carbon monoxide poisoning car accident. In fact, the carbon monoxide is not an air conditioner, but the engine. According to the test, when the car is running, the engine speed at 1500-3000 rpm, the exhaust gas discharged will not have an excess of carbon monoxide. However, when the engine is idling at idle because of incomplete combustion, often containing large amounts of carbon monoxide exhaust fumes. In operation, the throttle is too large, when speed exceeds 3000 RPM, oil and air ratio than the normal one? 12.5, less oil and more air, there will be very strong carbon monoxide emissions. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the owner should be careful to check whether there is leakage of the exhaust system, if it must be immediately removed.

Fine check the brake system: whether enough attention to the amount of brake fluid, quality is poor, should the need for timely refilling or replacing; note whether the weaker braking, deviation, the intensity of the brake pedal pedaling and braking wheels point locking position, if necessary, to clean the entire pipe part braking system.

How good disinfectant?

Peracetic acid: For the car should be disinfected with 0.5% solution to clean the body and car seats, armrest, steering wheel and so on. Due to corrosion and bleaching, so the car is best to take out some of the items of clothing, disinfection should be ventilated more than half an hour, the car you want to wipe the metal parts. Need to wear masks and rubber gloves to minimize damage during sterilization.

Lysol: soluble in water can kill bacteria and some lipophilic viruses. Available in 1-3% of the solution for the car to wipe or spray. Opponents disinfection, can be 2% solution soak for 2 minutes, then wash with water. Lysol if used with soap and laundry detergent, will be reduced bactericidal.

84 disinfectant: usually this disinfectant chlorine amount of 5%, must be added when using the 200-fold diluted with water, if not diluted to scale there will be some resistance. Experts believe that the 84 non-volatile disinfectant, hepatitis and other viruses can soak onset.

It is worth noting that the choice of disinfectants to choose a health administrative departments disinfection product approval number on the packaging, expiry date and name site products, such products through a national approval, disinfection efficacy and safety have fully guaranteed.