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Wiper maintenance knowledge

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-26

It is the rainy season in summer and pay day, the wiper is also handy. This year's rain seems to find many, often used wiper. Meanwhile, many owners found wiper problems, need to be replaced or repaired. Wiper, though small, but if you do not take good care of it, there will be problems wiper. In fact, wiper maintenance is easy, you just need to pay more attention can be very easy to do.

Wiper FAQ

Ribbon Streak: no palm branch to find the best spot wiper wall, causing the wiper dogma instead of every part of the full contact with the glass; undue pressure or upper arm structural damage, and even wiper blades are inappropriate cause such phenomena.

Mist Streak: With a thin film of oily wiper on the windshield using a distributed, usually because of a dirty, dirty or car wax attached to the glass and lead; wiper strip by a car wax, oil pollution have this phenomenon .

Fine water phenomenon: when the windshield wiper brush, still attached to the glass surface water droplets, this phenomenon is car wax, grease or silicide adhesion to the windshield, tape or tape sheet itself due to the quality.

"Cartagena" sound or harsh noise: irregular wiper sweeps occur when most of the strip due to wear, arm and bracket damage caused by variations aging strip. In the case of non-lubricated, wiper scraping sound when there will be a clean sweep of glass friction.

Do not forget the car wash wiper

While resting on the windshield wiper, but it is very easy to ignore routine maintenance, such as spend to know there is a problem. Maintenance of the wiper blade is actually very simple. Each time the car wash in addition to cleaning the windows, it is best to use glass cleaning solution to clean the wiper strip, so the life of the wiper strip is longer. If you do it clean by washing shop, you can remind the staff to do the work for you, the wiper switch is in position at various speeds, checking whether the wiper at different speeds to maintain a certain speed. There is to check the status of the wiper and wiper rod if there is uneven or missing scratch swing phenomenon. These two failures of any kind mean wiper blades for damage. Also, pay attention to what the wiper at work if there is vibration and abnormal sound.

Regular inspection essential

Check the wiper is simple, spray some cleaning fluid, wiper and then start to pay attention to whether it moves smoothly, listen carefully whether there are larger "scratch" sound, and if so, it means too much wiper pressed to the glass, you must make the appropriate adjustment, school. When the wiper Saowan after one or two under, to see if there is water left on the windshield, but look at whether leave some scratches, if it is clearly seen, it implies that the wiper rubber wiper on Article has become obsolete and should be replaced a new strip.

If the various failure phenomena are complete, sure to check the wiper blades. Method is to pull up the wiper with a finger touch on cleaning the rubber wiper blades, check for damage elastic, and rubber blade how. If the leaf aging, hardening, cracks, it should be replaced. Also, note that the strut is connected to the wiper arm matches the way, because some of the arm is screwed onto the rocker, while others are built with a convex buckle lock point, the time to buy Be sure to look for.

When the car more attention

To wiper longer life, it is best to avoid prolonged sun exposure, Another point to note is that when many owners found dust on the glass, often only open wiper sweep away the sand settle the matter, the fact that Doing so can damage the wiper seals and automotive glass, so before you turn, may wish to spray a little cleaning fluid. Of course, a better manual cleaning. Note also the maintenance Wiper good car maintenance sprinkler systems: a neutral, decontamination, cleaning agents lubrication; poor cleaning fluid will corrode sprinkler systems, wiper and automotive topcoats. Promptly filled with water, to avoid the spray air motor plant.