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Car maintenance

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-26
    After auto body collision, steel body wrinkles, paint layers are likely to be damaged, exposed steel, rust, must be immediately repaired, fill paint. Paint layer and metals, hardness is low, it is easy to be damaged, therefore, be sure to use cleaning or polishing soft suede, cotton or wool brush, otherwise, it will scraped scratches, self-defeating. 
  Car with a long time, always inevitably more or less faded paint, white, dark and other phenomena in general ground cleaning can reduce the fading phenomenon; Mild discoloration may waxing polishing, grinding is necessary to moderate, to severe only repainted. Nowadays, many people like metallic paint, metallic paint, but more needs care, regular polishing and waxing. 
    Most people kick after crude wax, most will be directly marked with thin wax. However, this approach does not take full advantage of benefits of construction and wax products. Because the former affects the outer wax layer of coarse fine wax adhesion, and reduces fine wax durability. So after played rough wax, preferably in water to wash the body light and wipe dry again, and then cast the right amount of fine wax. Meanwhile, after a fine cast also a good idea to wait a moment wax, wax and other products to penetrate the inner layer of paint and a little time to dry, re-polishing. So not only can increase its durability, but also make an ideal car showing a sheen.
    Windows dirty windows can be used in detergent tank, of course, can also be cleaned with water, but not so high efficiency, brightness is not enough. At the same time because it is not cleansed oil film in the sun [Review Photo Forum] under prone Rainbow spotted affect drivers line of sight, must be removed as soon as possible. There are special glass detergent, if we spray a layer of window glass condensate agent is more ideal.
    In hotter areas, must be reflective window glass film protection. Some vehicles have been installed in the car protective film, and is using a laminated glass, the protective film is sandwiched between the glass, this is the best approach.
    Health should be the owner of the car will be a day to clean ashtrays, wipe the windows, tidy dashboard, care mats, foot and so on. Secondly, limousine mostly leather seats, leather is both a natural thing, chemical cleaning agents are not just spray it up, should be used in strong alkaline cleaning agents, such as soapy water, washed, dried with a cotton towel. 
    As for fabric fabric seats, disposal is relatively simple. When you buy a new car is recommended to be cleaning and maintenance, and be sure to immediately dry, so do not leave water stains inside. Usually more protective agent with a professional cleaning protection, otherwise colorful very ugly.
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