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Winter small way to prevent electrostatic

  • Author:I-LIKE
  • Release on :2014-12-26
    Car static response generated mainly two points, one body before touching the car itself is charged, the same car would naturally contact discharge, and according to different human body with power are not the same, some people physique special, easy storage of static friction, contact with anything to be discharged. On the other hand, dust in the air friction between the metal surface and the body to produce electricity, people touch the car, it will have a discharge phenomenon. 
Although the human body and the car brought the power is limited, the voltage is not sufficient to incalculable consequences for cars and people, but even a very small current, will make people feel uncomfortable, severe cases, static electricity can cause headaches, insomnia and irritability and other symptoms, and even can cause a variety of cardiovascular diseases, such as arrhythmia, tachycardia, premature beats, atrial fibrillation. For the car to be simple and straightforward solution to electrostatic dust absorption, autumn and winter the owner will have to wash the car several times, of course, there are other tricks can.
    And the car all the time do not live in an environment of friction, so owners need to eliminate static long point "petty." Experts advise owners, in order to prevent static electricity, only their usual habits and make some small changes to the car can also install some small equipment, and some seemingly unintentional tips can help you avoid static electricity.
    Drink plenty of water to drink more water is a good way to prevent from its own internal static electricity occurs, the water can increase the skin's surface humidity, static electricity in the wet state is not going to happen on their own. Here refers not only to the usual drinking water, but also to the skin "drink" water, autumn and winter often paint can not only apply hand cream to keep skin moist, but also anti-static, do both. 
    Less fiber supplies interior and exterior supplies to reduce the use of chemical fiber, chemical fiber garments easily with static electricity, especially in the dry winter season, easier to put on static electricity. In addition, the car should minimize the use of chemical class seat covers and floor mats to prevent electrostatic encounter "attack" to get off when the car door, away from the chemical products can reduce a lot of opportunities to be a shock. 
    Experts also said, get off, someone with a trolley door side glass, rather than pushing the metal frame to close, because the glass is insulated, so do not easily be charged.
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