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Shenzhen i-Like Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
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Aeropak 500ml liquid tire sealant

Aeropak 500ml liquid tire sealant

  • 1 compressor/inflator
  • 1 500ml liquid tire sealant
  • 1 clear tube
  • 1 nozzle
  • 1 valve puller
  • 1 spare valve core
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1kit/box;
  • 12 boxes/carton;
  • 1260 cartons/20ft container

re puncture repair kit;  Emergency tire repair kit;  Liquid tire sealant ; Anti Puncture tire sealant

i-Like Emergency Tire Puncture Repair Kit Contains:
1 compressor/inflator
1 500ml liquid tire sealant
1 clear tube

1 nozzle
1 valve puller
1 spare valve core
1 pair of gloves

10 Features about i-Like Emergency Tire Puncture Repair Kit:


1) packaging size 19x6x15cm (probably the SMALLEST kit in the market);

2) Power cord is about 3m long, air hose (black) is about 60cm long;

3) 12V compressor, power 180W; Competable with Car Jump Starter!

4) Take about 7 minutes to repair a flat tire to 2.5bar or 35psi;

5) Able to Inflate to maximum 60 PSI;

6) Repair puncture up to 1/4 inch( 6.35mm);

7) Tire pressure release function;

8) Able to drive up to 1,000km after repair;

9) Sealant will not harm to tire and wheel hub;

10) Sealant working temperature from -10 to +80 celsius degree; (for lower temperature please contact us, we can make -40 ℃ )

  FEATURES for I-Like Brand Tire Compressor:

1.About 7 minutes to inflate a 195/65R15" tire from 0 to 35psi 
2.Size of Compressor:10*4*11cm (Smallest but smartest)
3.Max current <8A

4.Continuous working time at 35PSI: 30 minutes:

FEATURES for I-Like Brand Liquid Tire sealant:
1. It is made of organic polymer materials, which is neutral and is of no corrosion to metals or rubber.
2. Added one time into the tyre and Stops up to 60 leakages.
3. It can cover the breach within 6mm.

4. Good leveling to automatically seek-out the leakage in seconds.
5. No volatile, non-flammable, anti-freezing. Long lasting effect.

Here is the USER INSTRUCTIONS for using this tire compressor/inflator with the tire sealant. 

It is hard to make a good job, and our manager Mr Eric Peng is the leader in doing this test with the team. It is very hot and sweaty, and everyone's clothes is wet with sweat! 

Shenzhen I-Like Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


Contact Person:Andy Chen

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