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Shenzhen i-Like Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
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China tyre foamy cleaner factory

China tyre foamy cleaner factory

  •     Brand Name: Captain
  •     Model Number: ID-307-2
  •     Weight: 420 g
  •     Use: Renew Tyre
  •     Expiration Date: 3 years
  •     Volume: 650 ml
  •     Net weight: 420 g
  •     Gross weight: 550 g
  •     Certification: SGS, REACH, RoHS
  •     Service: OEM&ODM


  Captain Tyre Foamy Renew contains specific ultra-high macromolecule ingredient. It can quickly provide a protective film on the surface of the tyre that have a specific function of decontamination, glazing and protection in one time. The product contains UV ray absorbefacient, so it can avoid UV damage to prolong the usage life of the tyre. All ingredients of the product are green materials, and they are of no harm to human and environment.

Method of use:

       Find out the air entry, open the engine hood if necessary.
Start the engine, open window.
       Turn off the air conditioner, turn on the outside cycle mode, let the outer air in, adjust the fan to the maximum.
       Tightly collect the provided soft tube to spray mouth of the product (please make sure there’s  no liquid spill out when collect in).
       Find out the strongest suction entry of the air conditioner (hand can feel the position for different cars model). When the strong suction entry located close to the driver, insert another end of the soft tube to entry deeply.When the strong suction entry close to the side passenger seat, insert the tube to the entry shallowly.No matter what kind of car, make the tube closest to the entry, and evenly shake the product first.

       Press the button on the product, open the switch, keep rotating at right until the button stop, the strong foam will spray out automatically, when take out the soft tube, rotate at left until the button stop. After inject this product into the conditioner, keep the fan working for 10-15 minutes, then close the wind switch, turn off engine, ten minutes later there will exhaust liquid flow out from the outlet 

Packaging & Shipping: 

       Our shipping agent has more than 11 years experience in dealing with the dangerous goods.  The Spray paint has the gas inside so it belongs to the dangerous goods. If our customers's agent can not ship the dangerous goods, we offer help.
Item No. ID-307-2
Can Size 65mm x 240mm H
Package 650ml x 12pcs/ctn
Carton Size 275x205x205 mm

Company Information  About I-Like company  :

"i-Like"--carries out a new definition for all new generations, especially those of 80s boys and girls. The core value is to love ourselves, love our family and love our friends, of course, we also love our cars. So, "i-Like" would like to make the best products for all car-lovers to make their cars clean and shinny everyday, which not only brings us a sunny day but also wins respect and good words from our friends. As our words: I like to make you successful, I like to make you great!

Certificates :


Why Choose Us :
1. Established in 1997, about 15 years of history;
2. Owns 2 main factories, one in Zhongshan making aerosol, one in Foshan making sealants;
3. Four (4) main brands: I-LIKE, CAPTAIN, IMAX, KING JOIN;
4. Certificates of ISO9001, TUV, ASTM, REACH, etc;
5. Gold member of more than 5 B2B websites: Alibaba, Alibaba Japan, Alibaba China, Made-in-China, etc;
6. Production capability more than 6 million pcs/ month;
7. Monthly export more than 50 containers;
8. Exported to more than 50 countries, such as France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, south America etc;
9. Offer OEM service to international brands: Wynn's, Shield etc;
10. With more than 10 sole agents in the world;
11.The executive president company of Shenzhen Chamber of E-Commerce;
12. We have our Research and development team, quality control team, design team, sales team.

Shenzhen I-Like Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


Contact Person:Lisa Chen

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